Roads close after blazing chaos at the Esso garage in Dorking

This afternoon at 2.30pm the Esso garage in Dorking caught ablaze inside the shop on the A24 london road.

Five fire engines and around 30 firefighters were sent to the scene to contain the blaze.

Surrey Police stated that the fire was within the actual shop itself and that two members of staff were treated by paramedics for the effects of smoke inhalation.

Motorists have been advised to avoid the entire Dorking area as the northbound London road has closed its junction with the A25 to Reigate and one lane southbound has been shut down.

When approach A witness at the scene, Mr Michael West, a local salesman in the Dorking area stated that had he been driving back the whole event would have been much more traumatic but thankfully had opted to walk into town today. He went on to say “it’s great to see how quickly the Police and Fire services responded to the fire, it good to see our taxes are put to good use.”

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